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  • CBD Infused Chewing Gum

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    Forget the pharmacy when you’re looking for effective health benefits. We’re a CBD-ceutical company that believes in providing consumers with access to safe CBD-based options for overcoming the negative effects of the aging process. Our products are designed to be quickly absorbed for maximum benefit without the complications or discomforts that are standard fare with typical supplements.

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    CBD For Pain & Inflammation

    Innovative and effective CBD for pain products from MedCBDX

    The world of managing the normal aging process and the related health challenges it brings is evolving. Today, relief can be found outside of the medicine cabinet with safe, alternative CBD products that help relieve the common aches and pains associated with the aging process quickly and safely, without the negative side effects and high costs that so often accompany typical treatments. At MedCBDx, we’re dedicated to providing consumers with better options to handle their own medical needs, and you’ll find it with cannabidiol (CBD).

    CBD oil is becoming increasingly well-known for its ability to help fend off the negative effects of aging. For individuals who suffer from the common aches and pains that result from the normal aging process in their joints, muscles and nerves, CBD offers a safe and effective way to obtain relief. CBD oil is a naturally occurring compound produced from the industrial hemp plant. Unlike marijuana, CBD won’t make you feel high or change your state of mind. Instead, CBD oil assists your body to naturally overcome the health challenges that the normal aging process delivers.

    Our Products

    We’re proud to be at the forefront of innovation when it comes to CBD for pain relief. Our unique products are specially designed to efficiently deliver relief, with delivery methods that work more rapidly than most oral CBD oil supplements.

  • CBD Infused Chewing Gum

    (8 Pack Blister)
    Save 10% and FREE Shipping with $99+ purchase.
  • CBD Hemp Oil Lozenges

    (16 lozenges per tin)
    Save 10% and FREE Shipping with $99+ purchase.
  • The Benefits

    MedCBDX CBD Gum is unlike any other CBD product you’ll find on the market. Our patented chewing gum absorbs more than five times faster in your system than ingested tablets, capsules, and liquids, and is easy to take discreetly. 

    Why Buy CBD Gum? For natural pain relief, CBD gum delivers a fast and effective dosage of CBD oil that is absorbed through your oral mucosa instead of your digestive tract where it can become less than 10% bioavailable to your body, meaning you get better relief faster and with less discomfort.

    MedCBDX CBD Lozenges are similarly portable, discreet, and easy to consume. The CBD lozenges dissolve in your mouth like a breath mint and can be safely taken throughout the day as desired. They’re a fantastic alternative to difficult to swallow pills and other standard oral means of CBD consumption and provide all of the benefits of CBD oil in simple lozenges that dissolve easily in your mouth.

    Fast Absorption
    Up to 5 times faster than conventional oral dosage forms
    Consumer Friendly
    For the 40% of people who do not like swallowing any type of pill
    Convenient & Discrete
    No liquid required for chewable and lozenge products
    Highly Bioavailable
    Buccal absorption avoids first pass metabolism

    CBD – Inflammation and Pain Management

    Too many people suffer from persistent, debilitating pain without information on natural methods of pain relief. But the other options – either living with chronic pain or dealing with the side effects and health consequences that often accompany pharmaceutical pain medications – aren’t great alternatives.

    The secret to CBD’s effectiveness is in the way it interacts with our own endocannabinoid systems. Your body has cannabinoid receptors in the nervous system, immune system, connective tissues, and other areas, all of which serve as natural means of inflammatory control and pain reduction. But for many, these systems are out of balance. Introducing CBD oil to the body helps get the body’s endocannabinoid system back in working order.

    Just about any consumer can benefit from CBD’s wellness properties, particularly those who are dealing with the aches and pains that result from the normal aging process in their joints, muscles, and nerves. CBD for pain has been determined to be a safe alternative for consumers and is becoming an ever more popular choice for managing and finding relief from the aches and pains most people experience.

    “MedCBDX fills a consumer need with in-house expertise developing products that taste good and that have a good mouth feel. Whether it’s chewing a gum or tablet, or sucking on a lozenge or mint, MedCBDX provides a much better experience than swallowing another pill.”

    “I tried the gum to see if it would effect my minor aches and pains and was surprised to find that it relieved my ‘old lady’ ailments.”

    Terri - Ohio

    “In a week, the MedCBDX gum let me swing a golf club again without a fear of my back acting-up – I had my best round of golf in three+ years!”

    Phil – Cincinnati, OH

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