Patented process for manufacturing health in a tasty and efficient delivery system.

CBD Infused Chewing Gum

Patented and Consumer Friendly

MedCBDX is a formulated CBD-Infused Hemp Oil Chewing Gum (Patented), infused with hemp oil which is rich in cannabidiol (CBD).

We have a Patented on our CBD gum in addition to other cannabinoids.

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  • Fast absorption – up to 5 times faster than conventional oral dosage forms like pills or beverages
  • Consumer friendly – for the 40% of people who do not like swallowing any type of pill
  • Convenient and discrete – no liquid required
  • Highly bioavailable – buccal absorption avoids first pass metabolism

Lozenges & Chewables

MedCBDX has CBD infused lozenges or chewable tablets. Lozenges are tablets that dissolve in the mouth slowly, basically a mint. Chewable tablets are easily chewed with the resulting powder dissolving quickly in the mouth for easy swallowing. These dosage forms provide an alternative delivery of ingredients for the 40% of people that do not like swallowing pills.

MedCBDX is manufactured by MastiX LLC, which has protected its unique manufacturing processes and cannabinoid research through patent filings. MastiX LLC is a leader in providing unique tableted products for functional foods and dietary supplements.

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Chewing Gum and Lozenges with CBD-Infused Hemp Oil

Patented and Consumer Friendly

  • MedCBDX fills a consumer need with in-house expertise developing products that taste good and that have a good mouth feel. Whether it’s chewing a gum or tablet, or sucking on a lozenge or mint, MedCBDX provides a much better experience than swallowing another pill.