Patented process for manufacturing health in a tasty and efficient delivery system

CBD Infused Chewing Gum

Patented and Consumer Friendly

MedCBDX is a formulated CBD-Infused Hemp Oil Chewing Gum (Patented), infused with hemp oil which is rich in cannabidiol (CBD).

We have a Patented on our CBD gum in addition to other cannabinoids.

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  • Fast absorption – up to 5 times faster than conventional oral dosage forms like pills or beverages
  • Consumer friendly – for the 40% of people who do not like swallowing any type of pill
  • Convenient and discrete – no liquid required
  • Highly bioavailable – buccal absorption avoids first pass metabolism

Lozenges & Chewables

MedCBDX has CBD infused lozenges or chewable tablets. Lozenges are tablets that dissolve in the mouth slowly, basically a mint. Chewable tablets are easily chewed with the resulting powder dissolving quickly in the mouth for easy swallowing. These dosage forms provide an alternative delivery of ingredients for the 40% of people that do not like swallowing pills.

MedCBDX is manufactured by MastiX LLC, which has protected its unique manufacturing processes and cannabinoid research through patent filings. MastiX LLC is a leader in providing unique tableted products for functional foods and dietary supplements.

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Chewing Gum and Lozenges with CBD-Infused Hemp Oil

Patented and Consumer Friendly

Hear Bob Estey, CEO of MedCBDx, being interviewed by Cincinnati's own Bill Cunningham of WLW 700.

  • I tried the gum to see if it would affect my minor aches and pains and was surprised to find that it completely relieved my sciatica and other "old lady" pains.
    Terri – Ohio
  • MedCBDX fills a consumer need with in-house expertise developing products that taste good and that have a good mouth feel. Whether it’s chewing a gum or tablet, or sucking on a lozenge or mint, MedCBDX provides a much better experience than swallowing another pill.