CBD for Stress: Is CBD Beneficial for Work?

CBD is now increasingly popular to use for stress relief. As a result, many people are starting to explore the potential benefits of bringing CBD into their work routines. CBD is proving to be an effective way to manage the stressors, responsibilities, and soaring expectations of today’s workplace.

Taking CBD for stress isn’t exactly a novel idea. What is new, however, is the ubiquity of CBD products. More people than ever before are expounding the potential of CBD through edibles, oils, and other daily routine additives. Below, we’re exploring the major reasons why CBD can be a smart addition to the workday. And  a few things to know about the relationship shared between work and CBD.

The Benefits of Taking CBD at Work

Whether you’re most interested in CBD for work productivity or just need something to help soften the edges of a stressful office environment, this hemp-based chemical compound offers a lot of promise without any of the side-effects or potential liabilities of other stress-relieving, productivity-boosting substances.

CBD works differently for different people. And there is never a guarantee that using CBD at work is going to improve your performance or mood. That being said, there are three major potential benefits to CBD that can offer a leg-up at work.

  1. It can improve productivity. While it can’t do your work for you, CBD can help you be more productive when you’re at your desk. Preliminary research shows that, CBD may be quite beneficial in addressing issues of anxiety and sleep.  Both of which can harm your ability to get work done.
  2. It can help you concentrate. CBD can make you more alert and less distracted—both of which are integral to better concentration. This is part of the reason why CBD has been noted as potentially useful for those with ADHD.  Although you don’t need to have the disorder to benefit.
  3. It can relieve stress. In a small study of patients with post-traumatic stress disorder, 91% reported a decrease in stress severity .  And this was after an eight-week treatment regimen that included regular oral CBD consumption. And it’s thought to be just as useful to try CBD for stress of the everyday variety too. It may help decrease common symptoms of chronic and acute anxiety.

But Wait, Can Employees Take CBD?

We can’t say 100%—since that’s up to your individual employer—but generally, yes, CBD is fine for employees.

Routine drug tests aren’t designed to pick up CBD. Traditional high-quality CBD products do contain trace amounts of THC (the legal allowance is up to 0.3%). Therefore a drug test is unlikely to pick up levels that low.

Aside from the drug test aspect, CBD is totally legal.  And in 2015 the National Health Institute declared it does not impair employees. Just stick to lab tested and reliable CBD products so you know you’re not getting more THC than anticipated.

Try CBD for Stress at Work

Work stress happens. And when it does, our CBD Mints and Gum are a quick and discrete way to find some relief. And can be enjoyed as either part of your morning routine or right when stress hits. Find your favorite and discover what a big difference a little less stress can make.