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Is CBD Legal in the US

CBD Oil Side Effects

There is much we still don’t understand about CBD oil side effects, but from what a few small-scale studies have indicated, any side effects that manifest are extremely manageable and do NOT significantly affect the central nervous system, vital signs, or personal temperament.

Since cannabidiol is still growing into its mainstream appeal, large-scale, comprehensive studies to fully understand CBD’s potential effects, have not been conducted. However, from what’s been reported so far, the main side effects people experience most include:

      • Drowsiness/Tiredness
      • Dry Mouth
      • Dizziness

They’re pretty mild side effects considering all else, and any ill feelings can be easily reduced by consuming liquids, laying down, or performing breathing exercises. Many of these side effects appear because extreme, high doses of CBD (100mg or more) have been known to lower blood pressure which can cause light-headedness, and some mild lethargy.

What Does CBD Oil Do, and How To Ingest CBD?

Cannabidiol has been known to reduce life’s general aches and pains as they related to inflammation symptoms. As an immunomodulator, its properties naturally seek to re-balance certain receptors that help alleviate painful feelings in inflamed joints or muscles. And in order to avoid the side effects listed above, it’s important to consume the proper doses for your body.

To that end, most people ask, how many drops of CBD oil should I take? While you can simply place drop the oil into your mouth through a tincture, the amount of these drops varies on factors like milligram concentration, your own tolerance levels, and the level of pain you’re experiencing. However, there’s actually a much better way to ingest CBD, without worrying about dosing too much, or too little.

Chewables, like our CBD gum, are much better for people trying cannabidiol for the first time. Each piece of our gum, for example, is packed with 10 mg of CBD and just requires a few minutes of thorough chewing before the benefits are absorbed through the oral mucosa and delivered to your system. It’s easier than having to worry about the exact number of drops to consume, and the gum doesn’t carry any foul aftertaste, either. It’s convenient, and gets the job done.

Always Do Your Research

At MedCBDX, we’re constantly concerned about the evolving CBD landscape, and strive to perform our due diligence when delivering factual information about the benefits, side effects, and legality of our CBD products. While the information here is sound, we do encourage all our customers and readers to perform some of their own research, too. Become familiar with the CBD industry, and learn how it can change your life.