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CBD Oil Health Benefits

Bob Estey, CEO of MedCBDx

Interviewed by Cincinnati’s own Bill Cunningham of WLW 700

“I tried [the CBD gum] and three days later, I felt so much better. And for the last three years, I’ve chewed one piece of CBD gum every day and still feel great.”

Teri – OH

“I tried the gum to see if it would effect my minor aches and pains and was surprised to find that it relieved my ‘old lady’ ailments.”

Phil – Cincinnati, OH

“In a week, the MedCBDX gum let me swing a golf club again without a fear of my back acting up – I had my best round of golf in three+ years!”

Frank – OH

“I decided to try MedCBDX gum about three months ago hoping it would reduce the frequency of my almost daily flare ups. My expectations were low since none of the prescribed daily preventive meds I’ve taken over the years have helped. The CBD gum has clearly made a difference, reducing the number to 2 per week. My doctor told me the cause of the episodes is complex and can be due to many factors. So I can’t advocate CBD gum for other sufferers, but it’s been a godsend for me.”

Curt – Hillsboro, IN

“Really like the gum, easy to use and take/travel with. Thank you for an amazing product.”

Tim – Fairfield, OH

“I heard about this product on the radio and gave it a try. After a few days of using it my morning aches and pains in my joints were gone.”

Cynthia – Galway, NY

“I’d heard about the benefits of CBD oil for some people and thought I ought to try it for myself.

Bill Cunningham’s radio show on Sunday nights is where I first heard of MedCBDx as to how it helped him and others in his family. I chew a piece of gum mid-morning and a mint a few hours before bedtime and after a few weeks found that I don’t have as much stiffness after doing vigorous yard work, of course, I try not to overdo as well. So I plan to keep purchasing from MedCBD. I suggest others try it and see for themselves that it may help them as well.”

Ryan – West Palm Beach, FL

“I tried the CBD gum to relieve my post-workout soreness, and I gotta say it works pretty well. Was a little skeptical, but after chewing a few pieces, I felt very relaxed, muscles didn’t feel as sore when I stretched them out. Good stuff”

Steve – Columbus

“I noticed three obvious differences:
1. Clear breathing. My nasal passageway seemed to clear up and I can breathe easily through my nose after I chew the gum or take a lozenge.
2. I don’t have aches and pains when I wake in the morning. I don’t feel like an old man. (I’m only 47, but I’m a truck driver and my body takes a beating)
3. Dreams. I have pleasant dreams while sleeping. Also, I feel refreshed when I wake up; I get a better nights sleep.

These differences were obvious.
Note: I have passed 2 drug tests already. (My job requires a clean urinalysis)”

Wanda – Schaumburg, IL

“I’ve been using the gum and it helps me stay focus. I am now using the mints to transition from using the CBD oil from another vendor. The mints and the gum travel better for me.

I have my mom using the gum and it’s easy for her no measuring the mess no spills.”

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