What Is White Label, and Why Should You Have It?

As a youthful business still experiencing the growing pains of brand expansion, knowing what is white label and how it can be helpful for you is tremendously important in securing a strong base of products quickly without burning through your capital.

White labeling is simply the outsourcing of product development and manufacturing roles to a third-party entity that will be responsible for the production, testing, refining, and actual creation of the product or service itself. Everything beyond that in the product’s lifetime is left to the business looking to stamp their brand on it. All in all, the best course of action is to call for white-label products, which will end up saving you a fortune.

But how?

Brand Visibility

Smaller, newer, and limited companies seeking opportunities to expand the product line and depth should look for industry-specific white label services. You’ll be able to reach much larger audiences without spending thousands on research by simply slapping your brand onto someone else’s product. You already know someone wants to buy that kind of product, and now you’re able to offer it, too.

Higher Quality Products:

Think about the age-old phrase, “Leave it to the pros!”. When it comes to white labeling, this adage is very much alive. While you may like to believe you’re the best provider of a certain product, chances are someone else is doing it better. Companies that sell great products, but struggle to develop them, should find white label manufacturers who specialize in only one product and have them create it instead.

No Development:

The removal of the development process is the biggest contributor to the savings when you consider white labeling. Researching, developing, testing, refining, and finally producing the end product requires thousands of dollars and many months of careful monitoring. It’s time and money many companies just don’t have. By outsourcing all of that, you’re getting a good product for a fraction of the price.

Big Brands Are Always Doing This

Let me give you a few real-world examples you may recognize. The large, wholesaling food giant Costco has been using their white-labeled product line, Kirkland Signature, since 1992,

offering all kinds of products—-chicken, peanut butter, alcohol, and even toilet paper. Their angle is to provide quality, branded items at low prices.

Similarly, since 1997, Whole Foods Inc. has been utilizing its 365 Everyday Value products, a brand-line for more generic, day-to-day necessities that won’t “break your pocketbook.” Even moving away from the food industry, we can also refer to some financial tool services that many department stores are offering. Macy’s, for example, offers credit lines through cards created and issued by American Express.

When business is about making money and reducing costs, white labeling provides a turnkey solution that isn’t meant to disrupt the operational flow in any capacity.

Check Out Our White Label Services

Our parent company, Per Os Biosciences, is offering white label services for all our functional chewing gums, lozenges, and fast-dissolving tablets. While we will produce CBD-infused white label products, businesses can also choose to receive other products from our parent, infused with a variety of active, herbal ingredients and dietary supplements.

Using unique, patented processes, all our white labeled goods fall under the FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulations. Everything we’ll produce for you is also allergen-free and can be labeled as Kosher certified.

We’ll take care of the product’s research, production, testing, and refining while you’re responsible for any white label marketing and, obviously, the selling.

So, if you’re looking to increase your brand awareness or just save money on product development, then give us a call, or email our team at info@peros-bio.com!