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White Label

White Label

We provide White Label services! Looking to grow your business and expand awareness of your brand? Mastix LTD offers exclusive private label and white label products that allow you to put your name on our CBD chewing gum, CBD lozenges, fast dissolving (sublingual) CBD tablets, and/or functional chewing gum, lozenges, and tablets with custom active (non-CBD) ingredients. We’ll take care of the product development and manufacturing, you take care of the rest. It’s that easy.

Our innovative methods have allowed us to create unique CBD products that provide consumers will all of the health benefits of CBD in discrete, portable, and fast acting oral dosage forms. We’ve taken years to perfect our powerful, patented gum manufacturing technology, which allows for the customization and uniform dosing of functional food and supplement products with all forms of power and oil based active ingredients, including cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). We’re the only ones in the CBD market with this patent, and now we want to share our products with you.

Sign up to sell Mastix LTD private label products or white label products, and you’ll get made-to-order products. Choose from our popular CBD products, or work with us to create your own custom chewing gum, lozenge, or fast dissolving tablet with other active ingredients of your choice.

Private Label vs. White Label

Our products are easily adaptable for resellers, and can be structured as either private label or white label. Both terms are used to describe products that are created by one company and then branded by resellers for sale to customers. The difference is in the details, namely that private label products are produced for exclusive sale by one particular reseller and white label products are generic products produced for sale by multiple resellers. We’re happy to work with you to determine the best fit for your needs, be it our white label or private label CBD products, or another custom product of your choosing.  

Our Patent

The CBD market has been experiencing unprecedented growth. Both consumers and science alike have become increasingly aware of the powerful health benefits of cannabidiol, and its potential for providing significant health benefits without the negative side effects and complications that tend to come along with standard pharmaceutical products for pain and inflammation.

In 2017, the United States Patent and Trademark Office granted us U.S. Patent No. 9,744,128, which allows us to utilize and expand on an exclusive manufacturing process we created in order to produce healthy, functional chewing gums incorporating active powder or oil-based active ingredients, including CBD. The patent also grants us the right to use this same manufacturing method to create a wide range of products with additional food, supplement, and medicinal active ingredients, both natural and synthetic. We have since filed several additional patent applications that will hopefully allow us to further our efforts toward the creation of even more functional products.

Private Label

Features Of CBD Products

We are highly committed to safety with all of our products, and you can rest assured that any white label or private label product you purchase from us will stand in full compliance with the FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulations.  Our products are also certified Kosher Pareve and are manufactured in an allergen-free facility.

  • CBD from CO2 extracted industrial hemp sourced from the most trusted CBD oil manufacturers-USA
  • 3rd party lab-testing performed to ensure quality
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Label as either a dietary supplement or a food
  • No sugar and zero calories
  • No artificial colors, additives, or preservatives
  • Allergen-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, and vegan
  • Made in the USA in an FDA GMP-compliant facility
  • Can be labeled Kosher Pareve by Star-K

Features of CBD Gum:

  • Patented manufacturing process (U.S. Patent No. 9,744,128)
  • Great mint taste – completely masks any trace of “hempy-flavor”
  • Packaged in an 8-count blister with a sleeve
  • Minimum quantity of 500 packs

Features of CBD Lozenges:

  • Great taste – completely masks any trace of “hempy-flavor”
  • Packaged in a tin, pouch or bottle – customer preference
  • Minimum quantity – Call 410-316-1080 x100

About Mastix LTD

Mastix LTD is a developer and manufacturer of functional chewing gums, lozenges, and fast dissolve tablets incorporating a variety of active, niche ingredients, including dietary supplements, probiotics, herbal extracts, caffeine, and cannabinoids. Mastix LTD is the parent company of MedCBDX, a popular brand of CBD chewing gum and lozenges, and also the provider of custom product development, contract manufacturing, and white label and private label services for others who are interested in their unique product formats.

Learn More About Our Services

For more information about our private label or white label products and services, please contact Bob Estey (410) 316-1080 x 100 or restey@mastixllc.com. To learn more about our products, visit our pages for CBD infused gum and CBD Mints. For general questions, visit our contact page, send us an email at info@mastixllc.com, or call us at (410) 316-1080 x 100.

FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION (FDA) DISCLOSURE: The statements on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

LEGAL DISCLOSURE: Mastix LTD does not develop, manufacture, sell or distribute any products that are in violation of the United States Controlled Substances Act (US.CSA).

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