What Are Kosher CBD Products?

Kosher CBD products are manufactured to the exact specifications laid out under the definition provided by the Kosher Certification group. Since CBD is neither a meat nor dairy item, the compound falls under the pareve category. Therefore it is subjugated to its own regulations.

Pareve-certified kosher CBD oil must adhere to the below considerations:

  • Pareve foods cannot be processed on meat or dairy equipment, and must not contain any additives
  • Fruit/vegetable/grain products (including hemp/CBD) must be inspected for insects and/or insect larvae. (all forms of insects are strictly non-kosher)

Kosher CBD Products

It’s also important to point out that anything considered kosher, may not be mixed or combined with any other ingredient that is not certified kosher.

At MedCBDX, our products are subjected to a scrupulous examination and rigorous testing to ensure their legitimacy as kosher pareve items. We understand that certain cultures could potentially prevent someone from experiencing the benefits of CBD’s all-natural inflammation relief. Hence our team is dedicated to providing high-quality kosher CBD products.

Demand For Kosher CBD Products

Demand for cannabidiol is increasing everywhere. And with potential legitimate studies on the horizon, many manufacturers have been developing new opportunities in the CBD market.

Kosher CBD is one of the biggest new additions. And it’s helping provide greater access to customers who follow these strict dietary guidelines. Our customers can find kosher-certified (Star-K) CBD gum and CBD lozenges produced using 100% kosher accepted ingredients. As well as produced in a GMP facility that is kosher certified. You’ll never need to worry about the legitimacy of our products.

Businesses seeking to add high-quality CBD products to their shelves can order CBD kosher- certified white label products from MedCBDX. We manufacture products in compliance with kosher pareve standards (Star-K) and the FDA’s GMP regulations.